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Services we offer

Here at Cottam rescue and re-homing centre we offer a range of services for you and your pet. We offer nail clipping, Bonding service, Grooming, boarding service, Spot on anti flea and mite service.

Nail clipping 

We offer nail clipping as most people don't know how to do it themselves. This is a major problem as overgrown nails are becoming more and more common in animals, especially rabbits and guinea pigs. This can cause severe pain and discomfort and may lead to in-growing nails which in some cases need an operation to correct. We offer this service for the cheapest possible price to encourage people to prevent putting their loved animals through pain via a simple easily treated problem.

Spot on anti flea and mite service

This service is to prevent and treat flea and mite infestations. Fleas and mites not only suck the blood of your pet they can also transfer diseases that could make your pet ill or possibly kill them. This service provides animals with a monthly spot on treatment  that will protect your pet for 4 Weeks.


We offer a grooming service for rabbits and guinea pigs. This service simply includes using an array of different pet grooming brushes to detangle your pets coat and prevent mats in the coat which if are left to develop often harbour lice, mites and fleas. Grooming also is health for the animals skin and prevents dead skin build up which is a source of skin complaints in small animals. Grooming can also be a life saver for long haired animals! When the animal grooms itself it often swallows its hair which can collect in the animals stomach and cause blockages and eventually death.

Ever feel like your chickens are trying to re-enact The Great Escape? Book them in to have their wings clipped. We'll trim one of their wings so that they can't gain a stable flight. This should last until they moult and grow a new set of feathers.


Price List


 Service Price of this service
 Grooming  £5.00 per animal
 Nail clipping £4.50 per animal
 Flea and mite service £4.00 per animal
 Bonding service £ Please contact us for more details



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